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One Woman, Two Businesses And A Vision For A Bright Future Of Sustainable Tourism

INTRODUCING: JULIA KLEBER For Julia Kleber traveling and experiencing culture has always been pivotal. I know Julia from a time we were studying together; she’s outgoing, energetic, and has a lot of ideas. Ideas she actually puts into action: she started an organic food market in Ibiza, took over a communication agency with a focus on sustainable tourism and now launched KPRN AQUA, a water recycling technology that can contribute …

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It Doesn’t Take Much To Be Happy – One Woman’s Solo Trip To Bali

INTRODUCING: SABRINA Sabrina is a smart and witty woman and a close friend of mine. I met her a few years ago in Frankfurt, and what I love about her, something she genuinely radiates, is her positive mindset and attitude towards life. Working as a consultant and in project management on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health she usually has a lot on her plate. In 2019, eventually, …