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It Doesn’t Take Much To Be Happy – One Woman’s Solo Trip To Bali

INTRODUCING: SABRINA Sabrina is a smart and witty woman and a close friend of mine. I met her a few years ago in Frankfurt, and what I love about her, something she genuinely radiates, is her positive mindset and attitude towards life. Working as a consultant and in project management on behalf of the Federal Office of Public Health she usually has a lot on her plate. In 2019, eventually, …

Unique Experiences

Bali’s True Soul: Experiencing Tirta Empul’s Purification Ceremony

There’s something mysterious about ancient Balinese beliefs and customs. The legend tells that the Holy Water Temple Tirta Empul was created when a battle between evil forces and deities occurred. The springs were built to heal sick fighters; nowadays serving Balinese people for ritual purification. Visiting Tirta Empul, one of Bali’s nine state temples, and experiencing the purification ceremony gives room to discover that old magic the island still holds. …