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Growth & Well-Being

6 Lessons Climbing Kinabalu Taught Me About Life

On a weekend in February 2020 I set off for my first mountain climbing experience in Sabah, Malaysia. In a group of five we hiked from the steamy rainforest to the foggy wetlands to the summit of Mount Kinabalu at 4095 meters. While we were hiking through one of the most extraordinary environments, my mind was roaming freely. Coming from Singapore’s Central Business District and suddenly being immersed in nature …

Unique Experiences

Climbing Kinabalu: On Flow, Fatigue and Empowerment

One of my Singaporean roomies had asked me to climb Mount Kinabalu with him. It was in February 2020, I was working in Singapore for several months, when I had to decide between going to an electronic beach festival in Thailand and hiking Kinabalu. Which was at 4,095 meters South East Asia’s highest mountain. Whereas I had quite a bit festival experience, climbing mountains was new to me. The highest …